Simona Deckers

Simona Deckers

Get and keep ideal clients and compose successful teams by knowing what stresses and motivates them You are as successful in your business as you are successful in relationships! And you can learn how to build relationships that are built on trust and deep understanding. This presentation on the 4 main personality types will allow you to define to which personalities groups your clients and team members belong. For business owners it is crucial to know their own personality type as well as the personality types of their clients and employees and how they all fit together. This knowledge will help entrepreneurs to understand what motivates and stresses the different personality types. With this awareness, they will not only hire properly, lead successfully motivated teams, but most importantly enroll and retain their ideal clients by delivering the results their clients value the most.

International Success and Leadership Coach and Mentor
Shanti Company

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About this Speaker

Simona Deckers is an international success and leadership coach and mentor. She is the dynamic founder of Shanti Company and has transformed the lives of thousands of people through her deeply transformational coaching and mentoring.

Simona supports highly successful and motivated women to create the life of their dreams by combining personal development and cutting edge leadership coaching. Simona’s clients from all over the world obtain a higher vision of who they are and what they can achieve with their businesses.

They get clarity, cutting edge business knowledge and skills, innovative strategies, a new mindset as well as personal development tools to live in abundance and ease. Through transformational personal development, visionary psychology, timeless wisdom teachings and leadership business coaching, Simona guides her clients to truly transform from the inside out.

Simona helps powerful people to be more powerful and to navigate successfully the challenges of this new era!

For Simona it is important to make her clients' personal and business results long lasting, enjoyable and remarkable.

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